How to install a gas burner in my firebowls

One of the phone calls I get a lot is from people who want to know how the gas burners are installed in my firebowls. I've finally taken the time to sit down and draw a diagram that shows how the stainless steel burners connect to the firebowl.

It's really quite simple, as you can see in the drawing. The burner just threads down onto 1/2" gas pipe and you're done. Use some pipe dope (and make sure that it's rated for gas) to make sure you get a good tight fit with no leaks.

Can you tell by the drawing that I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator by drawing owner guide artwork for Ford? If you would like to print the instructions, you can download a PDF file by clicking this link: Download firepit-gas-burner-installation-instructions.pdf

how to install a gas burner instructions for firepits firebowls

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